Net Zero Program

Your Choice, A New Beginning for the Earth, GCOO

Imagine changing the Earth with a single journey. Join GCOO and help reduce 870 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Your daily routine can make a big difference.

A Superhero of Eco-friendly Mobility

Like a superhero, GCOO powers eco-friendly transport options like electric bikes and scooters. We're on a mission for carbon neutrality by 2030, tirelessly working to make this dream real.

GCOO's Secret Weapon for a Greener World, 100% recycling

In our passion for the planet, we aim to create all our products using 100% recyclable materials. It's our commitment to building a sustainable future.

The Future of Green Mobility, GCOO's challenge

GCOO, a leader in eco-friendly mobility with e-bikes and scooters, is now gearing up for e-two-wheelers and integrated battery BSS.

Riding GCOO is like Planting a Tree!

Every GCOO ride equals planting a tree. With 200,000 daily riders, we can plant a million pines a year. Small actions, big Earthly impacts.

Harnessing the Power of Clean Energy

Ride with GCOO and enjoy eco-friendly travel, free from carbon worries. Start your journey towards a brighter Earth.